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Cleanped Baby Mattress
Cleanped Hygienic and Practical Diaper Changing Mat Cleanped offers hygiene and practicality together. FeaturesSince babies' skin is sensitive, the fabric of the changing mat should be waterproof.Cleanped: While offering a hygienic environment, it is also very practical with its protective...
Miyo Playground Mattress
Miyo Playground Mattress If you want to create a healthy and comfortable space for your baby's play and sleep time, Yataş Playground Mattress is exactly what you need.   Light and portable, the Miyo Playground Mattress can be used as...
Juno New Born Baby Mattress
Juno® Newborn Baby Mattress Juno® helps babies to adapt to their new environments as it is similar to a mother's womb. With its high head zone, the Juno Mattress helps preserve the natural head shape of babies while preventing reflux,...
First Dream New Born Baby Mattress
Let Your Baby Sleep Safely The Juno Mattress prevents reflux, which is one of the most important health problems of babies in the newborn period, while helping to maintain the natural head shape. Features The First Dream bed is like...
Rina Spring Mattress
Rina DHT Spring Series Mattress The Rina Mattress supports the backbone and provides orthopedic and long-lasting sleeping comfort. Its luxury jacquard loom fabric increases your sleep quality. The Rina mattress features side support foams that allow for a wide sleeping...



The Best Ways to Protect Your Mattress

The Best Ways to Protect Your Mattress

The concept of mattress protection is new to most people, and it plays an essential role in our lives regarding our health and hygiene. Sleeping is essential to our general health, and we spend 7-8 hours in bed, so mattress care is as crucial as maintaining your car or building...
How can Mattresses Cause Health Problems?

How can Mattresses Cause Health Problems?

How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? If anything, other than body and mind freshness is the response, it's time to work on your sleep and the elements involved in it. One of the major elements which play a part in a comfortable sleep is the...



Yatas bedding is Turkey's best-known mattress brand, with 400+ locations worldwide. Prepare to be amazed by the sleep revolution, which combines world-class technologies, the most efficient spring systems, and hygienic features.

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