Yataş Bedding Reflux Pillow

Sleep quality affects the quality of life as well. Reflux is one of the most common health conditions and is known as a digestive system disease where stomach acid flows back up into the food pipe and mouth. People suffer from reflux during sleep, so getting quality sleep becomes a problem for them. However, reflux pillows help people who have reflux problems to recover their sleep patterns.

The reflux pillow, known as a medical pillow, is specially designed and frequently used by people who suffer from reflux. Users of reflux pillows can finally experience a good quality sleep since they dont experience any problems of flatulence and food flowing to the mouth while sleeping.


Use of Reflux Pillow


Yataş Bedding reflux pillow helps adjusting the correct sleeping position and prevents gastric acid escaping to the esophagus during sleep and thus preventing formation of bad taste in the mouth. The model with an inclined angle allows the head to be positioned higher than the body, thus preventing the symptoms of reflux. Suitable for use not only for adults, but also for babies, the model is fully orthopedic, thus helps relaxing during sleep.


Users of reflux pillows state that the quality of their sleep experience improves in a short period of time since the pillow provides correct sleeping position. This medical pillow has a triangular design and this allows the body to reach an angle of almost 45 degrees. Food being digested in the stomach and flatulence problem can not reach the esophagus because the heads position is now higher, and adults and babies can have a comfortable sleep.


Reflux Pillow for Babies


Models designed for babies can be used with mind in peace. Babies who wake often from sleep because they cannot sleep well at night, can finally sleep soundly thanks to the baby reflux pillow, which is a great benefit for their health.


Parents who prefer these pillows for their babies observe that their children vomit less and wake from their sleep rarely.  As reflux in infants is due to the fact that some organs are not sufficiently developed, babies suffer from stomach discomfort even after having eaten very little food. Most parents dont think that their baby has a reflux condition and think that it might only be a flatulence problem.


The use of the pillow model recommended by doctors is quite easy. It is possible to lay down your baby on the back or the stomach face on an angled pillow. Babies suffer less from discomfort during the day because they can sleep more comfortably at night thanks to the reflux pillow.


Should the reflux pillow be preferred for infants, it is recommended to wash the original pillowcase with products suitable for the baby. At the same time, with an extra pillowcase you can use the pillow for a longer period of time. 


Choosing the Right Reflux Pillow


Making the right choice is becoming very important in regards of both health and quality sleep. At the same time, when choosing the relevant product for babies utmost care should be taken. As the reflux pillow will be used during the period of sleep, the model should possess orthopedic properties and attention should be paid to the quality of the material used in its production.


Yataş Bedding medical reflux pillow prevents excessive perspiration during sleep thanks to its knitted cotton fabric. Being a hygienic product thanks to its special washable case and providing the correct sleep position, the pillow allows to spend a more comfortable night. Yataş Bedding pillow model, which is produced from special foam block, stands out with its long service life if used correctly.


Before using a reflux pillow, it is imperative that you consult your physicians recommendation, considering that this special medical pillow has been developed exclusively for reflux patients. The model preferred for infants between 0-6 months can be used immediately after doctors recommendation by adults.

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