Mattresses Offering Comfort With The Technology Of The Future

Yataş Bedding continues creating the sleep revolution and offering sleep systems of the future !

Combining superior technology with mattress systems, Yataş Bedding ensures peaceful nights for the homes it enters. Developed in cooperation with Visco Technology, Feran Ice, Hybrid Mattress and Legett & Platt, the 4 spring technology is the aspect that crowns Yataş’s sleep quality. The mattresses produced with innovative Yataş technologies are obtained through natural production methods and are also shining for their eco-friendly features. Transforming technology into a mattress form, sleeping healthy is easy with Yataş. Experts emphasize that regular sleep is important for human health; Yataş Bedding recreates healthy sleep with the most innovative solutions.

Ultra-Body Support with Visco Technology

Yataş Bedding’s mattresses, which are produced with Visco Technology, are frequently preferred for persons who undergo medical treatment. Visco technology, one of Yataş Bedding’s most innovative solutions, actually ensures comfortable nights and quality sleep for everyone. Developed through a comprehensive R&D work over different body types and sleep patterns, the Visco Technology provides ultra-body support to Yataş Bedding users. Sleepless nights come to an end due to Visco, which has all the details of the new generation of being in form.


Feran Ice Technology Engaged In Hot Nights

With Yataş Bedding, sweating at warm nights comes to an end. Due to excessive sweating and increased body temperature, insomnia is a common problem in summer nights. As the temperature-affected body persists in sweating, the rate of humidity on the mattress increases. Exactly then, Feran Ice, which was developed by Yataş Bedding, engages and eliminates the heat and the humidity. Feran Ice evaporates sweat and humidity in the mattress very quickly. Thus, the body temperature does not rise any more and sleep interruptions come to an end due to heat and sweating. 


Sleep Revolution with 4 New Spring Technologies

Cooperating with the world’s largest spring manufacturer Leggett & Platt, Yataş Bedding launched the Sleep Revolution by integrating the best American spring technologies into its mattresses. The mattresses produced with Yataş Bedding’s four new spring technologies offer supreme quality and comfort for a healthy body. The mattresses produced with Zero Gravity, Hourglass Air and Ergocoil Infinity technologies live up to different expectations of those seeking the secret of the healthy sleeping. Equipped with Wallaby springs produced with the coil-within-coil technology, the Zero Gravity mattress offers private thermal comfort while adapting to sleep positions.  Hourglass Air Mattress has a three-stage spring system, which looks like an hourglass, supports even very different body profiles correctly and provides soft and hard support when needed. The Ergocoil Infinity Mattress, which is equipped with a number of springs two times more than those in an ordinary spring mattresses, supports the spine correctly and offers a personal sleep temperature.

Uninterrupted Sleep With Hybrid Technologies

Yataş Bedding’s mattresses, which use different mattress technologies combined, meet different needs for an unique sleep experience. Supreme Comfort’s 5 cm high mini pocket springs serve as an important support between visco and foam and provide special support to the waist and hip line, the most sensitive areas of the spine. Manufactured with the 5 Zone Pocket Spring System and visco layers on both sides, the Five-Z increases the comfort of sleeping with its season-specific surfaces. Combining the 7-Zone pocket spring layout and natural latex perfectly, the Seven - Z Latex mattress adapts to your body contours in an excellent way and protects the natural spinal curvature. Using the world’s first memory spring system Memory Coil, the Smart Track mattress gives the unique embrace of visco technology with the help of its advanced spring system. Responding to body movements very quickly, the Smart Track mattress improves sleep comfort by preventing undesired springback feel. 


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