Move-Up Master Moving Base For The Most Comfortable Sleeping Position

Move-Up Master Moving Base For The Most Comfortable Sleeping Position

Yataş Bedding Move-Up Master brings a new breath to the understanding of quality sleep with its movable bed base. Offering comfort for every need with its 5 different movement zones, Move-Up Master brings sound sleep to your bedroom as a solution to many problems, from sleep apnea to reflux, from low back and neck pain to snoring, with its different positions that can be adjusted specifically for the head, neck, back, waist and foot regions. .


Sleep quality is directly related to sleep products such as mattresses, quilts and pillows. In addition to sleeping products, each limb also needs different positions in which it can be comfortable so that the body can fully rest. Acting with this awareness, Yataş offers a different sleep experience with the Move-Up Master movable bed base so that the whole body can rest.

 Let Every Part of Your Body Rest

Produced using the most advanced technologies in the world, Move-Up Master offers different positions for 5 different parts of the body, including head, neck, back, waist and feet, thanks to its special movable motor system.


Guaranteeing a perfect sleep with the comfort it provides, the adjustable feature of the Move-Up Master movable bed base from the waist to the head area provides an effective solution to ailments such as reflux and sleep apnea. Reflux, a digestive system disorder that causes stomach acid to come into the mouth, is one of the diseases that affect sleep quality. While lying on the bed to rest, the stomach acid's sudden loss of sleep is an issue that people with reflux often complain about. Sleep apnea, which is defined as respiratory arrest during sleep caused by snoring, can cause many problems such as traffic and work accidents, as well as asthma and diabetes, due to carelessness. In addition to the head area of ​​the Move-Up Master movable bed base, the neck area can also be adjusted.


Waist, Back and Neck Pains End with Move-Up Moving Base

Consuming an average of one-third of human life, sleep is also of great importance for a healthy life. During the day, sitting and posture positions, as well as sleeping positions, are very effective on the health of the spine. Curvatures in the neck and waist region of the human body by nature can deteriorate due to the wrong mattress selection. The decrease or increase in these natural curvatures also causes waist, neck and back pain. The Move-Up Master movable bed base, produced by Yataş Bedding for perfect sleep comfort, helps to prevent back and muscle pain by distributing the body weight in a balanced way with its adjustable waist area. The adjustable back section helps to straighten your spine by keeping your back straight.

Move-Up Master Moving Base For The Most Comfortable Sleeping Position

It causes many complaints such as poor quality sleep, lack of concentration, headache, weakness, weakening of the immune system. The adjustable foot area of ​​the movable base helps to regulate blood circulation and helps to rest healthy.

A candidate to be the most stylish and comfortable member of your bedroom, Move-Up Master also offers ease of placement with its movable base pull-back mechanism. Thanks to the mechanism, when the head of the bed is lifted, the bed moves with the plinth without the need for pulling. In this way, it can be used in the zero position against the wall. In addition, thanks to this mechanism, it is not necessary to move away from the furniture next to the bed.


Ease of Use with Remote Control

The movable base, which can also be controlled with a remote control, offers the opportunity to control from where you lie down, without disturbing your comfort. The remote control, which you can easily use at night with the flashlight feature on its remote, makes it easy to set the desired position. The silent operation feature, on the other hand, increases uninterrupted sleep with the silence it adds to your sleep comfort.

 You can visit Yataş Bedding stores and website to enjoy a brand new experience with the Move-Up Master movable bed base, which offers perfect sleep and comfort together.

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