Are your stores closed?

Both of our stores in Islamabad and Lahore are OPEN from Monday-Friday. Considering the recent hike in the number of coronavirus cases, we have ensured every possible safety measure at our stores and have been following SOPs provided by the government to keep our customers safe.

Are stores disinfected?

Due to the coronavirus “COVID-19”, which has been on the agenda of the world since the first day, the necessary protection measures have been maximized at all points where we communicate with you. Considering the health of you and our employees, we have taken all precautions in this regard, and have been practicing international hygiene practices from the beginning. In order not to harm human health, we disinfect our stores at regular intervals in accordance with the hygienic rules. We clean all kinds of surfaces, fronts and points that can be contacted by you with sterile methods at regular intervals. In our stores, working conditions in accordance with the social distance rules have been created.

Are the products disinfected while delivery teams bring the products?

All of our field teams, who deliver and assemble your products, and after-sales services; they are dressed in accordance with the hygiene rules with their equipment and they act in accordance with the hygiene rules during their work. Our warehouses and shipping vehicles are also disinfected at certain intervals and the health rules are followed. You can be sure that we show the necessary precision.

Will a delivery be delayed?

We are trying our best to serve our customers in the best possible manner. Since we are working five days a week instead of six, the order maybe delayed by a day or two, but not more than that.

Do your products come from China?

Our products do not come from China. Our products are produced exclusively for your order at our factories in Ankara and Kayseri. All the products you buy are packed in a disinfected environment at regular intervals and through processes that comply with all hygiene rules. 

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