The Importance of Sleep During Infancy

The Importance of Sleep During Infancy

Babies spend most of the day sleeping for their healthy growth and mental and physiological needs. It is one of the factors that should be considered for their health that they spend this process with sleep products that support the skeletal and muscular systems that are not yet fully developed. Babies who spend long hours sleeping should be carefully selected according to their age groups and development. The happiness on the face of a baby who spends the sleep process peacefully and comfortably with the right choice will also make their parents happy. Baby beds in the Yataş Bedding Mini Collection, designed for them to spend such a precious time with health, are in perfect harmony with their tiny bodies in development.

How to Choose a Baby Bed Compatible with Developmental Periods?

The selection of baby beds suitable for the developmental processes of babies varies according to different age groups and developmental characteristics. From the newborn period, the selection of ergonomic baby beds that support their skeletal structure is at the forefront in the developmental stages, including the 3-6 age group. Orthopedic and semi-orthopedic mattress preference that supports their development process is the ideal answer to the question of 'how to choose a baby bed'. Very soft mattresses will not be a suitable choice as they will not support their skeletal systems that have not yet completed their development. For this reason, considering the developmental periods in the selection of baby beds, mattresses that will prevent them from being buried in their bodies will be an ideal choice. The mattresses in the Yataş Bedding Mini Collection, designed for babies to sleep soundly from the moment they take their first steps into the new world, are produced with the German LGA® Ergonomics Certificate. The fact that the baby bed has this certificate shows that it is ergonomically compatible with their tiny bodies.

A Safe Sleep for the Newborn Group: Juno Baby Bed

Mattresses produced according to age groups, taking into account the developmental processes that are important in the selection of baby beds; It has options in different materials and sizes. Designed for the newborn period, the Juno Baby Bed, with its mother's womb-like design, makes it easier for them to adapt to their new world peacefully. This special mattress, which reduces reflux complaints, which is one of the biggest problems of babies, with its high head design, also helps to protect their delicate head structures. The belly band, which does not prevent the baby's freedom of movement, offers a comfortable and comfortable sleep environment that they need safely. This baby bed selection, which supports their movement structure and development, is an ideal option for them to sleep soundly. This comfortable design that makes them sleep soundly is also in the car, in the guest,

Witness Your Baby's Growing Health

Minipo Pocket Spring Mattress, designed with Yataş's long-standing expertise in sleep products to maximize the sleep health of babies, provides a healthy sleep experience. It provides an ideal choice of baby bed for 0-2 years old on one side and 3-6 years old on the other side in parallel with its development features with its double-sided use. This product, which has a Pocket spring system that can move independently of each other, offers a safe use with its specially designed membrane pad. Since the developmental characteristics of children will be different depending on their age, the hardness of the mattress should be kept in the foreground when choosing a baby bed. In this model, the side that prevents the body from being fully buried in the bed and supports the spine provides a suitable use for 0-2 years old use.

The other side, which is designed for the 3-6 age group, is the period when children start to get active and walk and run; With its not very hard surface, it is compatible with the sleep rhythm they need. Yataş Mini Collection, consisting of Yataş Bedding's long-standing sleep expertise combined with advanced technology, is designed to support their healthy development. You can choose from Yataş Bedding's specially designed baby beds in different options and sizes, which make it easier to choose a baby bed, and are compatible with developmental stages. By gifting their little bodies a peaceful sleep, you can witness their growth with joy.

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