1. In case of any defect / damage found by the assemblers at the time of opening furniture/sofa sets, the product will be changed FOC and subject to availability.
  2. The warranty period for all wooden & panel furniture & accessories is 6 months. This does not include any physical damage out of negligence and use of chemical agents for cleaning,
  3. The warranty of sofa sets, upholstery and fabrics is 1 year. This includes only the stitching, fabric quality and base joints.
  4. The warranty period of mattress is 2 years.
  5. All warranty claims may take 1-3 months’ time in final settlement and subject to availability.
  6. The company will not be responsible for any damage to product due to extreme temperature, humidity or water exposure.
  7. The company does not take responsibility for any variation regarding color, grains, textures and polish shades due to the natural characteristic of wood. The company will be the sole judge if any dispute emerge.
  8. Warranty does not cover any damage caused by vandalism, abuse, lack or normal maintenance, incorrect installation or installation of replacement parts. Upholstery material is solely governed by the warranty, if any, of the manufacturer. Warranty shall stand null & void if installation of any product is not carried by the company/dealer.
  9. Warranty will not be applicable to products sold with 40% & above discounts. These products are usually last units / dead stock items / minor defects caused during transportation etc.
  10. The company reserves the right to defer, delay, cancel, amend, and reduce the quantity of products ordered by the customer due to unavoidable or uncontrollable circumstances.


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