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Visco Therapy Bel Pillow

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    Healthy and Comfortable

    Waist Pillow with velor fabric cover, which takes the shape of the waist area with its heat-sensitive structure and fully adapts to the body, supports the waist area during sitting and relaxes the body.


    • Special support for the lumbar spine
    • Open cell technology
    • Washable cover

    Oeko-Tex® Certification

    OEKO-TEX® is an international document for textile products produced with an environmental and social responsibility awareness. It documents harmless textile products in terms of human health and safety.

    Visco Therapy Balance

    Visco Elastic Sponge

    Developed by NASA for astronauts. Visco material provides balanced pressure due to its pressure reduction feature.

    Visco Therapy Balance
    Visco Therapy Bel Pillow
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