Comfort from Natural with Visco Mattresses

Comfort from Natural with Visco Mattresses

Visco mattresses produced by Yataş to be extra sensitive to body temperature and pressure; It is appreciated for its innovative, environmentalist and natural structures. The beds, in which Yataş's patented Open Cell technology is used, provide a much better quality and uninterrupted sleep. Visco mattresses, which support the natural curve of the human body, prevent problems such as stiffness and contraction.

Bed models, which have health benefits, stand out with their functional and aesthetic structures. Visco mattresses offer a much better quality sleep thanks to their smart sponge structure. This special technology, which allows the cells to move, ensures that the mattresses take a shape that wraps around the waist and is compatible with the spine structure. In this way, the load and pressure on the spine is reduced and optimal conditions are created for a much more comfortable sleep. Memory foam technologies such as Visco Elastic adapt to the body structure and create maximum comfort.

All-Body Comfort

Since its smart sponge structure is sensitive to heat and weight, not only the spine, but also areas such as legs and knees integrate with the mattress and provide a much higher sleep quality. Since the balancing of the pressure relaxes the blood flow, the stress is also reduced to a minimum. Pain due to bed and sleep disorders is minimized with Visco mattresses. Visco mattresses do not contain any spring system due to their structure and therefore no sound comes from the mattress no matter how active you are during sleep. For this reason, there are no problems such as interruption of sleep due to unwanted sounds. Integrating with the body, Visco mattresses also put an end to the need to go back to sleep. Thanks to their anti-static properties, the beds absorb the negative electricity accumulated in the body.

Special Fabric Structure Providing Hygiene

Another advantage of the open cell bed design is the hygiene it provides. Problems such as odor or mold caused by bacteria, house mites and microbes are not seen, and much healthier conditions are provided. Visco mattresses offer a comfortable and healthy sleep with their fabric structure. Fully quilted or knitted fabrics are used on the removable top layer of the bed. Visco mattresses, which wrap the body with their soft texture, completely eliminate the gaps between the mattress and the body. While there is soft sponge on the lower layers of the bed, there is Visco material on the upper layer. In different models, you can see that goose down material is used as the third layer.

Comfort from Natural with Visco Mattresses 

Attention to Density and HR Sponge

The level of visco material used in visco mattresses is expressed by the concept of density. It is recommended to pay attention to the density value when buying a mattress and to search for information about other materials used. As the density ratio increases, the bed becomes more comfortable and offers you a more comfortable sleep. Thanks to the air channels contained in the HR sponge, Visco mattresses breathe and prevent sweating with the air circulation provided. With knitted covers, Visco mattresses stay clean longer and can be cleaned more easily. Knitted covers keep their original shape for many years and can be used with peace of mind with the maximum hygiene they provide. Depending on the preferences of the users, Visco mattresses can be completed with pillows made of Visco material in a similar way.

Visco mattress prices vary depending on the quality of the material used, the quality of the sponges, additional features and functions it provides. Visco mattresses, which are appreciated for their aesthetic features as well as their functional and healthy structure, offer price alternatives for every budget. You can choose the model you want from Yataş Bedding Visco mattress options that suit your needs and taste, and enjoy innovative, natural and environmentally friendly visco mattresses after a tired day.


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