What Causes Back Pain? Importance of Bed Selection

What Causes Back Pain? Importance of Bed Selection | Yatas Bedding

Back pain is also experienced due to stress and tension, as well as improper mattress use. It affects the quality of life of the person negatively and causes you to wake up difficult in the morning. This situation, which reduces your flexibility of movement, occurs with the stretching of the muscles. With the right mattress selection, you can put an end to your pain and meet your physical needs easily.

What Causes Back Pain That Challenges Your Life?

The pain caused by the stretching of the muscles in the back significantly affects your life. Different negative situations, such as tension, stress, poor posture, trauma or being overweight, cause muscle lumps in your back. As the body moves, the pinched areas give a warning. Pains that demand the person to change their position often leave them in a difficult situation. Back pain causes are caused by the body not being in the right position. It is a common situation in individuals who carry heavy loads, work at a desk, and stand up frequently and for long periods of time. Another common cause is sleeping in the wrong bed. Wrong position of the spine while sleeping causes the muscles in areas such as the back and neck to stretch. When you wake up in the morning, you need to relax by doing stretching movements. For those who work at a desk, the chair must support the back. You can ease the pain by taking small walks every half hour. Mattresses that are too soft or hard will reduce or increase pain. With the right choice, you can get rid of pain and continue your life in a healthy way.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Mattress for Those Who Have Back Pain

Beds can be preferred as hard, medium or soft hardness. The choice of mattress firmness is a situation that can vary from person to person, depending on pain problems in the body or personal tastes. Pain is reduced by choosing a bed that adapts to your body. You can wake up fresh in the morning with a preference that supports the slightly curved structure of the spine. Proper posture is important for muscles and ligaments to relax and recover while sleeping. A comfortable process is experienced when the bed adapts to the characteristics of your body, weight and sleeping position. Every bone, muscle and ligament in the spine needs to rest overnight. The type and density of material in the mattress directly affects the resistance of your body to its weight. Thickness plays a decisive role in sleep quality. People who are overweight are thin, Sleeping on products made of thick materials can also disrupt the sleep process for thin individuals. People who experience back pain can make this process, which affects their whole life, positive by making their choices carefully.

Bed Types That Are Good For Pain

The product selection that supports the structure of the spine allows you to spend your sleep period and afterwards comfortably. Visco products, which are frequently preferred with their pressure-reducing and body-hugging structures, relieve pain to a great extent. Less pressure on the protruding parts of the body allows the muscles to rest. This prevents the formation of muscle balls. It protects the natural structure of the body and supports a healthy posture. Products made of natural latex balance the weight of the body. It provides the correct position by showing a slight resistance and prevents the formation of back and other pains. Due to the material it is produced, it allows comfortable turning and relaxation of the muscles. Correct posture supports normal blood flow and even distribution of body weight. natural beddingmodels significantly reduce the effects of ailments such as back and waist pain. Coconut fiber, rubber tree sap, Alpaca wool, Aloe Vera and copper powder, as well as products using different technologies, prevent heat imbalance. It is supported by latex and cotton and provides an ideal environment for those who experience pain. Mattresses produced from extremely durable materials prevent pain, allergies, sweating and skin problems.

Spine Health with Correct Sleep Positions

Low back and back pain can become unbearable with the wrong sleeping position. There are different postures necessary for a healthy spine. Lying face down causes damage to the ligaments and muscles around the spine. Lying on your back shortens the hind leg muscles. You can prevent low back and back pain by placing a pillow under the knee. Lying on your side, which helps to relieve pain, reduces the load on the spine. Thanks to the right bed and sleeping position, you can wake up to an energetic morning. Many alternatives are available at Yataş according to design and needs! Get mattresses that support spinal health, with Yataş quality, where you can feel good right away!
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