The Best Ways to Protect Your Mattress

The concept of mattress protection is new to most people, and it plays an essential role in our lives regarding our health and hygiene. Sleeping is essential to our general health, and we spend 7-8 hours in bed, so mattress care is as crucial as maintaining your car or building a strong foundation for your home.

Fortunately, understanding how to protect your mattress and comprehending how to extend its lifespan belong to the same skill set. You can save your investment and sleep on a hygienic mattress by making a small effort toward your healthy lifestyle. Here are the best tips from Yatas Bedding Pakistan on how to start protecting your mattress right away.

The Best Tips to Protect Your Mattress 

  • Buy the right bed mattress for your body

You can start protecting your bed mattress & your sleep even before you bring your mattress home from the store by selecting the best mattress for your body type. Consider it this way: Mattresses cater to different body types; if a person whose body type does not match the mattress's specifications, neither the sleeper nor the mattress will benefit.

To put it another way, sleeping on an unsuitable mattress can lead to sleeping disorders. You can also check our ultimate guide to choosing the right mattress with Smart Match System if you need clarification on whether you're sleeping on the right mattress.

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  • Select the proper mattress protector

You'll ask yourself the following questions as you discover how to protect your mattress: Do you need a mattress protector or cover? If so, what kind of material makes the best mattress protector?

You should unquestionably spend money on a mattress protector. Mattress protectors aid in preventing stains on your mattress from body fluids like sweat. They also help prevent debris, like dead skin cells, from penetrating your mattress. Overall, they are a wise investment in protecting your mattress and extending the time it stays clean. Additionally, several mattress companies cancel their warranties if mattresses contain liquid stains.

When deciding what kind of mattress protector to buy, we advise making sure that it is made of 100% cotton (or another breathable material) so that the cooling technology in your mattress is not interfered with. A thin material is preferable to a thick one for the same reason. Thick mattress protectors can change how your mattress feels and feels comfortable.

Finally, as our Turkish mattresses have better quality than other locally manufactured mattresses, we recommend our best mattresses to protect your spine and health. Every other time you wash your sheets, or every time you tend to go longer between changing your sheets, we advise washing your mattress protector. Feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries.

  • Rotate & flip your mattress regularly

Rotating a mattress is beneficial regardless of size or material. Some manufacturers claim turning is unnecessary as rotation encourages more even wear, whereas not rotating increases softness. 

Rotate the bed mattress 180 degrees from head to foot every two to six months. It is especially crucial when you break in the mattress in the first several years. Despite this, most mattresses produced today are designed to be kept from being turned over. As an alternative, Yatas Bedding Pakistan offers double-sided/flippable mattresses. Additionally, our mattresses are designed so you can adjust the upper layers to achieve the perfect level of comfort and the bottom layers to provide support. Get double-sided mattresses from the best mattress brand in Pakistan to protect your sleep. 

More tips on how to protect your mattress in specific contexts

Protecting your mattress when moving

    When moving, cover your mattress with plastic to prevent damage and avoid mattress folding or bending. You can use heavy-duty mattress bags to keep dirt and wetness off the bed and to protect against scuffs & scratches. In general, it's ideal for maintaining mattresses upright and on their sides when transferring them to prevent creases or sagging during the move.

    Buy comfy beds for your pets

      Even well-groomed pets drool, urinate, and shed hair and cells when they go outside, as people do. All this ends up in your bed. Pets may also have an accident, which might ruin a fine mattress. It is preferable to provide pets with their dedicated beds as opposed to allowing them to snuggle up on your mattress.

      Keep bed bugs out of your mattress

        Bed bugs are a terrible pain in the neck. We advise hiring a qualified exterminator if you already have bed bugs. Yet, there are many things you can do if you want to protect your mattress against potential bed bugs:

        • Vacuum your mattress and the area around it
        • Before climbing into a bed when traveling, look for bed bugs
        • When traveling, place your bag on the proper rack or the floor instead of your bed. Do not unload your luggage on your bed when you reach home
        • When you return home from your trip, vacuum the interior of your bag
        • Wash your clothes as soon as you arrive home if you have recently encounter someone who might have bed bugs. (And put them in a separate washer from your other clothes.)
        • Before purchasing any clothing from second-hand shops, inspect the seams
        • Before purchasing used furniture, inspect its crevices
        • Steer clear of buying old mattresses, especially from people you don't know well.

        Ensure that your mattress is supported adequately

        Buying a new mattress and foundation might not always be necessary, but your mattress must be adequately supported. It prevents early wear and maintains the integrity of the materials. For example, memory foam and other specialty mattresses need firm, sturdy support. Please speak with the Yatas Bedding Pakistan’s representative or see our warranty policy. 

        A king or queen bed should have a center support bar, and beds with frames should be able to support the user's weight and the mattress. Depending on the mattress, a platform bed with wide slats may need more support. Every year or so, you should examine your bed's support to ensure there aren't any slats or springs that could be damaged and influence your mattress.

        For a Long - Lasting Mattress, Buy the Right Bed Mattress Protector and Mattress with Yatas Bedding Pakistan

        Yatas Bedding Pakistan is dedicated to assisting clients in maintaining their mattresses for an extended period. But as we've already mentioned, the best tip for protecting your mattress is to choose the proper type for your body at the initial stage. Let our SMART MATCH SYSTEM assist you in getting the ideal mattress for your sleeping requirements if you decide it's time to invest in a new sleeping surface.

        You may quickly test our mattresses in person at our stores in Lahore & IslamabadAlternatively, you can shop online by deciding your ideal comfort level, mattress type, size, or price range. Questions? To speak with a mattress professional right away, contact us.

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