New Generation Formula Hybrid Mattress For A Sleepless Sleep

The time we spend sleeping covers almost about one third of our lives. Physiological recovery procedures of vital importance are carried out while sleeping. A poor sleep experience directly affects the quality of life. In the short run, sleep problems cause tiredness, pain and attention deficit and having a bad day but in the long run these can turn into many disorders.

Choosing the right mattress is a must for a quality sleep experience. For an uninterrupted sleep, it is necessary to choose a mattress that supports certain areas of the body and balances body temperature. The comfort offered by the mattress facilitates drifting into sleep and prevents sleep from being interrupted. Responding perfectly to needs of different body types and personal comfort preferences come, Hybrid mattresses shine out as the next generation solutions of perfect sleep thanks to innovative technologies they contain.

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

The concept of the best mattress varies considerably with the user’s physical features and comfort requirements. There are many different types of mattresses to allow users finding the right one for themselves. It is quiet possible to say that there are disadvantages, as there are advantages regarding each mattress type produced. Hybrid technologies strive to achieve the perfect design that minimizes these disadvantages.

Equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies Yataş Hybrid mattress series, which respond to personal comfort and needs and are suitable for all types of bodies thanks to being composed of various combinations of visco, foam, latex, gel and fabric technologies, offer an uninterrupted and unique sleep experience.

Aiming to combine the best features of different mattress types, the hybrid mattress series have been designed to provide the perfect variation for a perfect sleep. A hybrid mattress uses a sandwich-style special design composed of mini pocket springs which have been placed between the visco and CNC-cut PU foam to perfectly support the key areas of the body such as the spine, back, waist and neck. On the other hand, it’s structure is being supported by smart materials that will adapt to changing body temperatures during sleep, thus preventing the interruption of sleep due to increasing body temperature and sweating.

Innovative hybrid technologies consist of special spring designs and selections of smart materials with high breathing capacity. Additionally they use memory spring systems to offer an unique sleep experience to persons with different body characteristics and varying sleep needs.

Innovative Sleep Technologies from Yataş

Yataş hybrid mattresses are being produced by considering the personal sleep preferences of people with different physical characteristics. Mattress types with the most advanced sleep technologies support the spinal curve perfectly, relax the muscles by providing the correct sleeping position, prevent circulation problems caused by pressure problems and minimize the possibility of encountering pain and similar problems by supporting key areas of the body.

Thanks to the interlocking Wallaby spring systems, hybrid mattress types support the body’s key areas in a delicate way and help ensuring the perfect sleeping position with Memory Coil memory spring systems. Multiple pocket spring systems support many points of the body in the most healthy way possible. On the other hand they use a special sandwich-style design for excellent pressure absorption and support.

Materials that Enhance Sleep Comfort

Yataş Hybrid mattresses are being supported by open-cell Visco foams to protect the natural curve of the spine. They use natural latex produced by eco-friendly methods as a natural solution to balance the excess pressure on the body. They offer one of the healthiest methods to balance body temperature with the help of Woolmark certified, 100% natural woolen materials. The relaxing and refreshing effects of Wet Gel and other smart materials support the mattresses in order to improve your sleep experience to a maximum.

Yataş hybrid mattress models equipped with innovative technologies such as Feran Ice, Adaptive, Ergocoil, Verticoil Edge and many other, are awaiting you to pick up the model that will give you a perfect sleep experience. You can achieve a perfect sleep quality that you have never experienced so far by choosing a mattress under the guidance of your personal sleep comfort.

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