Move-Up Master Moving Base For The Most Comfortable Sleeping Position

Yataş Bedding Move-Up Master brings a breath of fresh air to the concept of quality sleep with its movable base. Offering comfort for every need with its 5 separate movement zones, Move-Up Master brings the sound sleep into your bedroom by being the solution for many problems, from sleep apnea to reflux, from waist and neck pains to snoring, with its separately adjustable positions for head, neck, back, waist and feet.

Sleep quality is directly related to sleeping products such as mattresses, quilts and pillows. In addition to sleeping products, the body needs different positions, so that each part of the body can be comfortable so that the body can completely rest. Being aware of this, Yataş offers a different sleeping experience with the Move-Up Master movable so the body can completely rest.

Every Zone of Your Body Will Rest

Manufactured using the most advanced technologies in the world, the Move-Up Master offer different positions for 5 different areas of the body, head, neck, back, waist and feet, thanks to the unique moving motor system .

Offering the guarantee for a perfect sleep, Move-Up Master moving base’s feature which can adjust from the waist to the head, offers the effective solution to disorders such as reflux and sleep apnea. Reflux, a digestive disorder, where the gastric acid backs up into the mouth is one of the diseases that affect sleep quality badly. People with reflux often complain about the fact that sudden gastric acid flow causes loss of sleep when lying down the bed.   Sleep apnea, which is defined as respiratory standstill during sleep triggered by snoring causes attention deficit which leads yo many problems ranging from traffic and occupational accidents to asthma and diabetes. With the Move-Up Master the neck and head area can be adjusted.  People, who suffer from snoring which lowers the quality of sleep and disturbs others as well, get healthy and comfortable sleep with the anti-snoring adjustment.


No more Waist, Back and Neck Pains with the Move-Up Moving Base

The time we spend sleeping covers almost about one third of our lives, thus it is vital for healthy living. During the day, sleeping positions play a vital role on the health of the spine just as much as the sitting and standing positions do. The natural curvatures in the neck and waist regions of the human body can be disrupted by a wrong choice of mattress. Reduction or increase of these natural curvatures also lead to waist, neck and back pains. Produced for perfect sleep comfort by Yataş Bedding, the Move-Up Master movable base prevents waist and muscular pains by distributing body weight evenly with its adjustable waist zone. The adjustable back zone allows your back to remain upright, helping your spine to recover.

Poor sleep leads to many complaints such as lack of concentration, headache, exhaustion, weakening of the immune system. The adjustable feet area of ​​the movable base helps to regulate blood circulation and allows healthy rest.

Being a candidate for the most chic and comfortable member of your bedroom, the Move-Up Master mobile base’s pull back mechanism is designed to provide convenience for the layout of the bedroom. When the head area of ​​the mattress is raised, the mattress moves along with the base without the need to pull it.
 By this means, you can put the Move-Up Master against the wall. This mechanism enables easy access to other furniture standing next to your bed as they remain right near to the mattress.

Ease of Use with the Remote Control

The moving base, which can also be controlled by a remote control, allows you to control without compromising your comfort. The remote control makes it easy to adjust to the desired position even at night thanks to the torchlight feature in it. Silent operation ensures uninterrupted sleep.


You can visit Yataş Bedding showrooms and website to enjoy a brand new experience with the Move-Up Master Base that offers perfect sleep and comfort together by using the most advanced bedding technologies.

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